Top 7 Low Profile Center Channel Speakers

This guide will present you – in a clear, objective and independent way – our selection of the best low profile central channel speakers of the moment.

You will discover the best low profile center channel speaker in 2019, the central speaker offering the best value for money, and is also cheap:

Polk Audio CSI A6 – Black

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With top-notch performance, this Polk Audio center speaker is the best way to stay at home. It allows you to enjoy the same sensations of powerful sounds as in a movie theater! It is a high-end product that satisfies the expectations of amateurs. The design is prestigious and combines well with its technical prowess.

With this speaker, music is as good as cinema. The voices are clear and offer great intelligibility dialogues, to the smallest whispers. The musical details are also faithfully reproduced. Its frequency response is also regular, between 40Hz and 80kHz, with good control of harmonic distortion. A better option for wall mounting would have been desirable.


  • Top of the line
  • Good sound power
  • Ultra-clear voice
  • Good presence of treble
  • Superb design


  • No wall mounting

Polk Audio CSI A6 – Cherry

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Pure happiness! This is indeed what was expected of Polk. So clear, so well defined! It offers a balanced hearing that preserves with honor the pleasure home theater. She is also more than correct for listening to music. Unlike most center speakers, its highs are not too pronounced and the bass is very deep. The sound image is precise and detailed. What makes it remarkably present and dynamic to give substance to the voices of the actors. No distortion is noticeable even if you push the volume all the way.

It is important to mention that this speaker is particularly huge (22.2cm x 17.5cm x 50.8cm). So, we need to provide enough space. But despite this, the cherry finish always makes it fantastically elegant


  • Top of the line
  • Good sound power
  • Precise voice
  • Deep bass


  • Imposing size

Mission LX-C Central Speaker 87.5 DB Walnut Bead

The price/quality ratio is spectacular for this product, even indecent for the competition. The sound result is indeed exceptional, worthy of an enclosure 10 times more expensive, without exaggeration. The sound comes out with incredible power and remarkable balance. You will certainly be conquered.

To enjoy its sound at best, it is necessary to activate the SDB mode. We could say that it is a product without fault. There is no apparent defect. But a piercing ear could notice a slight fault in the low medium. However, a little equalizer will do the trick. It should also be considered to provide feet to ensure perfect sound insulation once placed on the TV stand.


  • Affordable price
  • Powerful
  • Balanced voice
  • Excellent SDB mode


  • Without foot

Magnat Needle Alu Super Center 2.100 Watt Aluminum Center Speaker

The very beautiful compact speaker in brushed aluminum that will animate your evening ciné par excellence. Its small height gives it a particularly flat design compared to its peers. It will appeal to those who love subtlety. This will allow you to integrate it perfectly into your home theater. It must be said that it is not the best voice quality, but it is still correct.

The sound is transparent and coherent, the dialogues are well restored. On the other hand, the sound could seem rather unidirectional and too powerful in the treble. The bass is too discreet and not enveloping enough. It is therefore strongly recommended to associate it with a subwoofer, especially for listening to music.


  • Flat and discreet design
  • Well-returned dialogs
  • Correct price


  • Unidirectional sound
  • Lack of bass

Dynavox TG-1000B-C Central Speaker 50 Watts Beech (German Import)

Dynavox – TG-1000B-C

You will be pleasantly surprised by this product! Simple and effective at a low price, this Dynavox center speaker equipped with 2 woofers is rather successful. It fulfills its role well. The dialogues of your films will be well reproduced in a lively and realistic way, for a price unbeatable competition. It is compact, pleasant, easy to handle and the sound does not lack punch.

It is compatible with most home theater amplifiers and despite being an entry-level, it will be a good addition to a quality installation. It could probably disappoint those looking for a covering voice because it is quite concentrated despite the woofers. However, the price is well worth it for those who ask for the essentials.


  • Minimal price
  • Compact design
  • Its nice


  • Lack of bass
  • Concentrated voice

Polk Audio Signature Series S35

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This magnificent beast is boost of a new dynamic balance acoustic array which provides awesome music experience to any room. With features like power port bass enhancing technology, anti-diffraction grille and resolution certification,you can be assured of a good sound experience. This low profile center speaker is perfect for movies, music and TV-shows.

With a total re-imagined design provides high sensitivity and maximum compatibility. It works well with both new digital processors as well as the vintage rigs. The quality sound experience never ends


  • Very cheap
  • Quality sound signature
  • Solid bass response
  • Explicit details especially in dialogue


  • Comes with plastic components

Polk Audio Signature Series S30

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This low profile center speaker is designed with a tall slim profile to fit into the tightest of spaces. With features like high resolution terylene tweeters it guarantees a crystal clear sound for latest high resolution audio files. It has a minimum support of 40KHz which is required to m produce the best sound quality for movies and music. The maximum dialogue clarity of this speaker is one spec, this is more than adequate to provide front row cinema experience to users with audible dialogue.


  • Very cheap
  • Quality sound signature
  • Clear sound signature
  • Solid bass response
  • Explicit details especially in dialogue


  • Comes with plastic components
  • Sound can be boomy
  • Acoustic instrument sometimes sound synthetic

The Criteria to Take into Account to Choose the Right-center Channel Speaker

The Performance

In a home theater installation, the central speaker is the centerpiece charged 100% with the broadcast of the voices of the characters and a good part of the sound effects. The quality of the sound reproduction and the intelligibility of the dialogues are therefore largely dependent on the performances of the central unit.

Its choice should not be taken lightly and different elements must be inspected including the frequency response, the harmonic distortion rate or the reactivity of the membranes, to have the maximum comfort of listening.

Sound Compatibility with Existing Main Speakers

Mostly intended to integrate or complete an existing home theater kit, the center speaker should preferably be of the same range as the main speakers to ensure the maximum homogeneity in terms of timbre and sound.

Beyond that, its compatibility with the entire kit, from sound performance, is crucial for a more harmonious rendering.

Aesthetic Compatibility with the Existing Home Theater Kit

Beyond technical considerations, a home theater device is also a harmonious set that must integrate the decor of your living room or multimedia space, and give it a special touch. To do this, the design of the center speaker must not be neglected. Indeed, it must be aesthetically close to the design of the existing kit for greater harmony.


The center speaker usually releases a magnetic field which, in the long run, may damage your TV. To avoid possible damage, it is best to make sure that the speaker you want to buy is shielded, this will prevent the magnetic field from reaching the TV tube.

The Mode of Fixation

Depending on the model, there is a choice of speakers with different layouts (wall mount or tabletop/shelf). Depending on the space you have and the layout of your home theater system, you need to choose a speaker with the most suitable mounting mode.

However, for better acoustic diffusion and a more realistic feel, it is recommended to place the center speaker close enough to the TV, if possible at the height of the audience.

Why Buy a Center Speaker?

Buying a quality home theater in full is often quite expensive. To avoid ruin, many prefer to build their kit step by step by acquiring separately the different elements that compensate. You can start with a pair of front speakers, before you get surround speakers, to finish with the subwoofer and the center speaker.

Choosing the Right Center Speaker

For Clear Restitution of Dialogues

The central speaker is responsible for the restitution of all the dialogues and a part of the frontal effects when viewing movies. An essential element of a home theater installation, it must faithfully transmit the least whispers and the most resounding cries.

To Have a Distinct and Powerful Sound

Most of the soundtrack of a film viewed in home theater goes through the center speaker. Thus, one of his roles is to create a balanced sound and quite powerful, broadcast without distortion. It thus greatly ensures listening comfort.

For More Realism

In a home theater device, the center speaker is the unit that guarantees the essential quality of sound reproduction: the better it is, the more the listening pleasure is great. She can detach dialogues from the sound environment to make them intelligible, with a remarkable level of realism.

For the Design

The technical possibilities aside, a home theater installation is also a set that brings a touch of design to your home. The layout of each element, as well as the harmony of colors, give a particular impression to your living room.

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