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Polk Audio CSI A4
This company was founded by a couple of students who met at John Hopkins university located in Baltimore. When it commenced no one had ever envisioned and anticipated that it would grow up to be such an influential company in the sound industry. Matthew Polk, Geore Klopfer and Sandy Gross together formed this company in 1972. After graduating in 1971, the team integrated all their knowledge and experience in order to concoct a sound system for a local bluegrass convention. The tasks were divided, Matthew designed the Polk Audio speaker system while George built the cabinets. It was never the money they had in mind, they were driven and dedicated because they made it their objective to capture the thrill of a live concert as accurately and as brilliantly as one can ever do. When they were informed that the producers of the convention couldn’t afford to pay for the system they were not disappointed at all, giving up was not even an option for these vivacious people. They were full of energy and passion. George used his aesthetic skills to create an appealing and a wonderful logo for Polk Audio and attached it to the speakers. Sandy was behind the marketing of Polk Audio c and also helped to create Polk’s worldwide dealer network.

After spending a short period of time in professional audio, they moved towards high end home audio. They released their first successful model in 1974, the monitor 7. People really appreciated and commended its brilliance and outstanding quality because of which Polk audio started getting recognized in the audiophile circles. They didn’t let success get to their heads, they had bigger things to accomplish.

Some of Polk’s Features

  • Dynamic Balance
  • SDA
  • Wide Dispersion Array
  • Patented port geometry increases bass without distortion
  • Patented crossover technology creates a wider sweet spot

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