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Klipsch is an American company and has been producing brilliant quality speakers since over 60 years. They take pride in their work and have never disappointed their customers. They are carrying out the legacy of their founder Paul W.Klipsch who was obsessed with improving sound quality and to concoct devices which produce sound both elegant and remarkable. He worked ardently and passionately to achieve his dream .He was an engineer, inventor, madman and certified genius.

Klipsch now strives to achieve what its founder, created it to achieve, to give the audience a marvelous and splendid home audio experience. In the inception of this illustrious company they were only focusing on audio enthusiasts or the audiophiles and made products of their liking and taste. These products were obviously high-priced but slowly and gradually they immensely expanded their market. Klipsch’s center speakers are astonishing speakers which appeal to a variety of audience. Their primary objective is your satisfaction and contentment that is why they work assiduously to achieve perfection, they continuously introduce new technology and are not reluctant on their already existing models. Their skillful engineers and workers are constantly bringing new technology and incorporating it to see how they can make their products even better, even more resilient and attractive. Klipsch has made its extraordinary products with meticulous care, they have been engineered prudently so that you get to hear even the most trivial and subtle sounds which you would otherwise indisputably miss.

Since 1946, horns have been the driving force for the thrilling sounds which the audience absolutely enjoys. Klipsch’s center speakers flat frequency response, high efficiency, low distortion and control directivity gives you an unforgettable and mesmerizing experience which makes you want to admire and extol the geniuses behind its creation.

Top Klipsch Center Channel Speakers

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