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Best price -8% Polk Audio TSI CS10 Review

Polk Audio TSI CS10 Review

Compatibility and Performance: Polk Audio CS10 center channel speaker is compatible and adaptable to a multitude of mix-and-matched home audio systems but the engineers and ...

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Klipsch Gallery G-28 Review

Klipsch Gallery G-28 Review

The klipsch name has proved itself to be insurmountable and indomitable since the second World War. It all started in Hope Arkansas, when the founder Paul Kliipsch devoted his ...

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-8% Polk Audio TSI CS20 Review

Polk Audio TSI CS20 Review

Performance and Sound Quality: The Polk Audio CS20 center speaker is irrefutably necessary if you want to enjoy your respite from your hardworking routine, this speaker ...

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-17% Polk Audio CSI A6 Review

Polk Audio CSI A6 Review

Polk Audio’s center channel speakers let you experience the most trivial details of the audio, the sound produced has no distortions and is absolutely smooth and vivid. These ...

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Klipsch RP-250c Review

Klipsch RP-250c Review

The reference premiere series is another outstanding addition to Klipsch center channel speakers. Appearance and Performance: The Klipsch RP 250c has a different horn. They ...

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Best value -22% Klipsch RC-42 II Review

Klipsch RC-42 II Review

Appearance and Design: It was love at first sight. I was concerned about how it would look with my room’s décor but I was glad when I placed it in my room. Klipsch RC-42 II ...

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